Hand Crafted in Devon

For over 45 years “Woodwarm Stoves” have been handcrafted with care in the heart of beautiful Devon. We ensure that all our products are manufactured and tested to the highest possible standard.

Environmental issues are always foremost in our minds; we cannot afford to ignore the evidence of global warming. Woodwarm stoves Phoenix Eco Range of stoves can help you to be environmentally friendly, especially if it is replacing an open fire. Woodwarm are working in partnership with the charity “Trees for Cities” by planting a tree for every Ecodesign Ready stove sold. Trees absorb CO 2 to purify our air, they also reduce the level of air pollutants by intercepting airborne particles and absorbing pollutant gasses. Trees can also be a carbon neutral resource; the C0 2 released when burning is matched by the amount absorbed when it is growing. By planting trees, wood can be a sustainable source of fuel.

We market our stoves through a network of highly qualified showrooms and installers. Our agents and dealers have been selected not only for their experience and attention to detail but also for their superior showrooms and their ability to see a sale through to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

They will advise on installation, be up to date on current legislation, provide warrantee, service and ensure that our end customers have complete satisfaction with years of enjoyment and pleasure.

We think the Internet is a great place to promote our type of product and the retail outlets that support it. However, Woodwarm believe that it is irresponsible to sell our products directly over the Internet. The support that must be there for the end customer will not be achieved by direct sales on the internet.