Woodwarm Stoves is delighted to announce a partnership with Trees for Cities in its commitment towards creating a greener UK.

Trees for Cities is a UK charity that helps bring together local communities to work on practical greening and educational projects in urban spaces. To date a million trees have been planted with the help of over 4,000 volunteers across towns and cities.

Wood fuel is carbon neutral. Trees absorb as much carbon in their growth as they release when they are burnt which is why wood is the fuel of the future.

To enhance the green credentials of our ultra-low emission Woodwarm Ecodesign Ready Woodburning Stoves we have committed to planting a tree for every stove sold.

Trees for Cities and Woodwarm Stoves are passionate about ensuring cleaner air throughout the UK both for today and for future generations, well ahead of the 2022 Clean Air Act regulations.

To find out more about Trees for cities, or to make your own independent donation please visit: – www.treesforcities.org

Woodwarm recommend the use of wood from a sustainable source that is dried to at least 20% moisture. To find a sustainably sourced supplier please visit www.woodsure.co.uk

Woodwarm Stoves plant a Tree for every Eco Stove sold

Woodwarm Stoves is delighted to announce that it has helped enable the planting of thousands of trees in Exeter as part of a woodland scheme developed by Exeter City Council.

The woodland will have several benefits, including carbon sequestration, mitigating harmful gasses and particulates from the air and reducing flood risk. But we also understand from Trees for Cities who have conducted extensive research on the subject, that areas such as this can also have a positive effect on mental health and well-being.

We donated 1200 of the 2000 ‘whips’ (small, bare rooted trees) which were planted by a group of volunteers, including ten members of staff from Woodwarm.

Once established, the trees will create a new community woodland area at Monkerton Ridgeline in Pinhoe, Exeter.

Annual Impact Reports

Woodwarm and Trees for Cities Impact Report 2020/21

Happily on the way to do some planting

Just look at all that mud !!!

Left to right back row :-

Rob, Calum, Jesse,  Curtis, Zack, Wayne Bob and at the front is James.