Terms & conditions of sale


  1. All quotations are made and orders accepted on the following terms and conditions. No variation will be incorporated unless in writing signed by a duly authorised representative of the company.

  2. Quotations given are open to acceptance within 30 days or such other period as may be stated in the quotation. VAT will be payable at the current rate at the date of contract.

  3. Where a longer or shorter period is specified in writing by the Company within 30 days of delivery and any sums outstanding after that date will bear interest at the rate of 4% above NatWest Bank Base Rate from time to time on a daily basis. The company reserves the right to charge up to 15% of the value of any order with may be cancelled after acceptance in writing.

  4. Delivery dates are given as a guide only. The Company cannot be held responsible for any delay or failure of delivery caused by any circumstances beyond the Company’s control. Unless otherwise agreed in writing delivery by the Company shall be to the nearest public road to the customer’s premises.

  5. Goods must be examined on receipt and any damage reported in writing within 3 days of delivery. After the expiration of 3 clear days from the date of delivery the customer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods in good condition.

  6. While the Company may recommend an installer, the Company accepts no liability for any defective work by such installer or damage caused by them.

  7. The goods shall be at the risk of the customer from the time that the goods are collected by the customer or their carrier or from the time that the goods are delivered by the Company or its carrier to the customer’s premises. Property in the goods will only pass to the customer on payment of the purchase price in full (together with interest thereon if applicable) and until so paid the customer will hold the goods or the proceeds of sale thereof as agent for the company.

  8. The company reserves the right to change the specifications of its goods from time to time without notice to the customer in line with the Company’s policy of continual development.

  9. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure compliance in installation or otherwise with all building byelaws and other regulations.

  10. The company guarantees to repair or replace free of charge any component which is found faulty due to wear and tear within one year from the date of delivery. This guarantee shall not apply where: –

a. The goods have been subject to misuse or modification other than modification by the Company.

b. Payment for the goods has not been made in full.

c. The customer has not complied with the Company’s installation and running instructions especially relating to stoves with boilers which must be operated on an indirect system and an inhibitor used.

11. The limit of the Company’s liability shall be the value of the goods as stated on the Company’s Invoice and the Company is not responsible for injury, damage or loss of any kind whatsoever to persons or property subsequent to the delivery of the goods nor for any consequential loss whatsoever.

12. In the event of goods being delivered to customer on sale or return:-

a. Payment will be made to the company within seven days of the sale by a customer or within three months from delivery (or such other period as may be specified in writing by the company) whichever is the earlier unless goods are returned prior to the expiration of that period.

b. In the event of goods not being sold the customer shall deliver the goods to the company’s works premises in good condition at the expense of the customer.

13. The company reserves the right to withdraw a credit amount if the account has not been active for six months, or the company feels that the customer is not supporting the company in a fair manner and may appoint some other customer in the area, or the customer has not paid fully the amounts due.