Discontinued Model No25 – The Craddock.

Model Number: M25

Dimensions (From)

Height: Low Canopy 679mm|Width: Low Canopy Model 584mm|Depth: Low Canopy Model 324mm

Colours available

The Discontinued Model No25 – The Craddock. is available in the following Stove Bright colours

(Colours are an approximate representation only. Ask your dealer for details)

6309 Metallic Black


Log Cradle

With the environment in mind the materials used are upcycled from the Woodwarm workshop. The base can be left plain or be personalised with an inscription such as a family or house name. Up to a maximum of 15 characters, including any spaces.

Log Hopper

Handmade in the heart of Devon Handcrafted with skilful technique . Measuring 76cm across to hold plenty of logs so you don`t need to keep popping out to the log shed in the cold and wet. Please see our local dealer locator to find your closest retailer.


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6.5kW Craddock. Ashpan.

  • Ashpan.
  • To suit M25.

£57.35 inc. VAT


30ml of rope glue.

Most Woodwarm stoves ropes will stay in place nicely with thumb pressure. However if you prefer to use glue. Use sparingly, dotted along the rope line. If you use too much it will be difficult to remove the rope in future.

£9.54 inc. VAT


Bolting blanking plate set.

  • For use to cover boiler outlets.
  • Price includes 2 plates, bolt and screw to cover one boiler hole.

£5.68 inc. VAT


Knock in, Core Plug.

  • For use to cover boiler outlets.
  • Price each.

£2.15 inc. VAT


Black Fire Cement, 1kg tub

Black Fire Cement, 1kg tub.

£10.25 inc. VAT