The Woodwarm Gas Stove 2 Year Guarantee

Any Woodwarm Gas Stove purchased through one of our authorised stockists will automatically be covered by our 2 year parts guarantee. A further 10 year guarantee on the body of the stove is subject to the stove being serviced annually.

Guarantee Conditions

This Gas Appliance may only be installed by a registered professional competent person (Gas Safe installer in the UK).  The installation must adhere to the requirements of the local and national Building Regulations and national standards. The installation manual must also be followed.

The Product Registration and Guarantee Form must be completed and returned within one month of installation, and the commissioning form within this booklet must be completed on installation and retained by the end user.

It is a condition of the guarantee that the appliance must be serviced within 12 months of the installation date for the second year of the guarantee to be valid. Please retain records and receipts of annual service as these will be required in the event of a guarantee claim.

In the unlikely event of any failure we will replace any defective part free of charge, labour cost excluded.

This guarantee is not transferable and is solely for the benefit of the original purchaser. Please retain your dated sales receipt as proof of purchase.

During the guarantee period only genuine Woodwarm spare parts can be used in the servicing and maintenance of the stove. These can be sourced through your authorised stockist, or directly from Woodwarm Stoves (Tel: 01884 822916).

Claims under this guarantee should be first made through your Woodwarm gas stove stockist from whom you purchased the appliance.  They will be able to offer assistance or make contact with Woodwarm stoves on your behalf.

This guarantee is only applicable in the UK.

Exclusions and limitations

No guarantee is extended to naturally wearing replaceable consumables and spare parts within the appliance. Such parts include, but are not limited to: Gas Pilot assemblies, Thermo-couples, Oxy-pilots, Ceramic fuel effects, Rope Seals and Batteries which are parts that are subject to normal wear and tear or require replacement in connection with normal maintenance.

The Woodwarm Guarantee does not cover:

  1. The paint finish of the stove, as in the initial firing and usage of the stove it may change colour slightly and it will eventually deteriorate due to the normal working of the appliance.
  2. Damage caused by installation and use where the appliance has not been installed or used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, or if the installation does not meet local building and/or safety regulations. 
  3. Damage or faults to the appliance caused by specific local conditions such as draught problems and chimney defects.
  4. Damage caused by the appliance being stored in an unheated, damp environment.
  5. Damage caused by unauthorised modifications, use or repair.
  6. Any consequential or incidental loss, damage or injury, however caused.
  7. Costs associated with the removal and re-installation of an appliance subject to a guarantee claim.

Repaired or replaced parts / products are covered only for the remainder of the original guarantee period.

Woodwarm Stoves (Metal Developments Ltd) total liability will only extend to the purchase price paid for the goods in any guarantee claim. Woodwarm Stoves reserve the right to either replace, repair or to refund the purchase price of the goods.


Nothing in this guarantee shall effect your statutory rights.